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Wealth Wellness Wednesdays Webinars

Every Wednesday 7 PM - 8 PM EST.

Join Attorney and Real Estate Broker Cha'Ron Ballard Founder of The Ballard Law Group Every Wednesday from '7 PM - 8 PM EST' for an Informative & Engaging Webinar Series

Event Speakers

Cha'Ron Ballard and weekly guest speakers provide expert insights on real estate, finance, and legal topics for wealth wellness.

Cha'Ron Ballard

Bankruptcy Attorney / Real Estate Broker



Marcia Freeman

Estate Planner

Guest Speaker

Event Schedule

Join Us Every Wednesday From 7 PM - 8 PM EST

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7 PM
8 PM

Webinar Topics

  • Finding a Good Real Estate Deal:
    Learn effective strategies for identifying and securing lucrative real estate opportunities.
  • Financing Your Purchase:
    Discover various financing options available to help you achieve your real estate goals.
  • First-Time Home Buyers’ Incentives:
    Explore incentives and programs specifically designed to support first-time home buyers.
  • Down Payment Assistance:
    Understand the options and resources available to assist you in making a down payment on your dream home.
  • Buying a House While in Bankruptcy:
    Gain insights into the process and possibilities of purchasing a house while going through bankruptcy.
  • Buying a House After Bankruptcy:
    Learn about the steps and considerations involved in buying a house after bankruptcy.
  • What is Bankruptcy?
    Get a comprehensive overview of bankruptcy, its types, and how it impacts your financial situation.
  • How to Stop a Foreclosure:
    Discover effective strategies to prevent or halt the foreclosure process on your property.
  • Refinancing Your House While in Bankruptcy:
    Learn about refinancing options and strategies available to homeowners in bankruptcy.
  • Estate Planning and Asset Protection:
    Understand the importance of estate planning and how to safeguard your assets effectively.
  • Anything Wealth and Wellness Related:
    An open Q&A session where you can ask any questions related to wealth, wellness, and financial security.

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